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Unless you have a marketing budget of $10 Million, building your web site right is the most important task when marketing your products and services on the Internet. If you are thinking that building the web site, and marketing the web site are two different things, you couldn't be more wrong.

Designing your web site properly, while focusing on the ultimate goal of Internet marketing, can save you thousands of dollars when you go to market it afterwards. By investing a little more time in the initial stages of designing your web site, and then building the web site according to research findings, you can attract thousands of people to your web site without spending thousands of dollars on marketing strategies that hardly work.

This is qualified, targeted traffic that comes into your site because these users went out of their way to search for your products and services! We can't stress that point enough. This is not a demographic that happens to listen to a certain radio station you are advertising on. This is not a group of people who happen to live in a ZIP code where you send fliers and coupons promoting your business. These are users who show interest in the products and services you offer by taking their time and searching for them.

Unfortunately, when most people hire a professional to build their web site, they hire a graphic designer who couldn't care less about internet marketing and the importance of building the web site properly for search engine optimization, and/or a computer programmer, who probably cares even less about internet marketing than the graphic designer.

@ WebPageProductions, we focus on using the Internet as a vehicle of doing business. We don't just build web sites for the sake of having a web site. We build web sites for the sole purpose of promoting services and selling products. You can have the flashiest web site on the Internet, but without potential customers coming into that web site, you will not make any sales.

We keep things simple by focusing on the things that matter. We build elegant, simple to use web sites, that cater to your prospective client as well as they do for the search engine software that determines where your web site will be ranked.

Building your web site right the first time will save you thousands of dollars every month when it comes to marketing, turning every dollar saved into net profit.